1. Tips for Winterizing Your Deck

    Though we don’t have to worry about much snow in this part of the country, there’s still the possibility of ice storms and other nasty weather conditions looming. If you have a deck, now is the time to take care of maintenance and repairs. The last thing you want is for small problems to become a nightmare after months of drastic temperature changes, freezing condition…Read More

  2. How to Save Money When Building Your Deck

    You’ve finally decided that it’s time to build a deck. Maybe you’re already starting to think about hosting parties out on your deck, putting in a hot tub, or just enjoying a new space in your home. In any case, you want to make sure that you build your deck the right way. As we mentioned in a previous post, this means getting the highest quality of materials. That s…Read More

  3. Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Deck

    Is building a deck on your to-do list in the coming weeks or months? More homeowners today are turning their deck into a DIY project. This choice makes sense for those looking to save time and money. That said, there are a number of intricacies with building a deck that a lot of folks don’t know about. Even one mistake could set you back hundreds of dollars or more on ma…Read More

  4. Top Deck Maintenance Tips

    With summer winding down, now is a great time to perform a bit of maintenance on your deck. The reality is that your deck will show signs of wear and tear after being exposed to the weather for several years. By taking the following steps, you can make your outdoor space look like new again! Wash - HGTV advises that before doing anything else, be sure to remove dirt and wo…Read More

  5. How to Choose the Best Material for Your Deck

    You’ve crunched the numbers, determined the right space, and are finally ready to build that new deck. But with all the material options that are out there, you can easily get lost. Years ago, wood served as the only choice for homeowners. Today, though, there’s composite lumber, plastic decking, and so many other possibilities. How do you know which is best for your p…Read More

  6. How to Throw the Perfect Outdoor Summer Party

    Regardless of the occasion, you want to hit a grand slam with your next outdoor summer party. But a memorable gathering is more than just about food and drinks. In this blog post, we’ll provide some easy tips for putting together a party that folks will be talking about for years. We’ll also explain how a new deck can do just the trick. Be detailed with the invitation …Read More

  7. What You Must Know About Adding a Deck

    The time has come to build the enticing outdoor living space that you’ve always wanted. You aren’t alone in your thinking, as more than 80 percent of folks surveys by Houzz recently said they were looking to add a deck or patio. With there still being several months of beautiful weather ahead, now is the perfect time to consult a local deck builder. In this blog post, …Read More

  8. The Ready Deck Advantage

    Porches and decks can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing additions to your house. By connecting your inside living space to the outdoors, a deck addition provides a relaxing environment to sit by yourself or with friends and family, to chat, read, or just drink your morning coffee. You get to enjoy being outside while still feeling like you’re inside. In the su…Read More

  9. Top Tips for Hiring a Deck Builder

    We’ve discussed in previous blogs the benefits of having a deck installed. But do you know where to start in terms of hiring a deck installer? The absolute last thing you want is to make a mistake by going with a company that fails to meet your expectations. Keep reading for tips on how to make this process simple and hassle-free. Look for reviews, recommendations, and l…Read More

  10. Get to Know the Top Benefits of a Pergola

    It’s finally time to spend those long days outside as you enjoy time with family and friends. What better way to do that than with help from a pergola? In this blog post, we will explain how a pergola could be the best home addition you’ve thought of in years. Let’s first go over what exactly a pergola is. Also referred to as an arbour, a pergola is a garden feature …Read More