1. Fun Activities to Do on Your Deck This Fall

    Nothing compares to a relaxing afternoon on the deck with friends and family. Here at Ready Decks, we believe you should be able to enjoy your deck year-round, not just in the summer. Check out the following ways to spend time on this space during the fall. Carve pumpkins Halloween is just two weeks…Read More

  2. How to Keep Your Deck Safe

    Your deck is an extension of the home’s interior. In fact, some of your best family time is spent out on the deck. We have one question, though - is this space safe for everyone, including kids and pets? Here are some tips for keeping your deck safe, as referenced from HGTV: Lock the door leading …Read More

  3. Deck Maintenance Tips

    Keep Your Deck Nicer, Longer! If you have installed a deck at your house, you most likely want to keep it as nice as you can, for as long as you can. For many deck owners, there are a lot of questions surrounding how best to care for their deck. In this blog, we will discuss some tips and tricks to …Read More

  4. How to Transform Your Deck This Fall

    In our most recent post, we offered some deck maintenance tips for fall. But what should you do once you’ve completed these chores? Unfortunately, many homeowners put away their outdoor furniture and close off their deck area soon after cooler weather arrives. This doesn’t have to be you, though…Read More

  5. Deck Maintenance Tips for Fall

    Homeowners often associate summer as being the best time to enjoy their deck. Frankly, if you ask us, you can’t beat a fall afternoon in the backyard. But is your deck ready for another season of barbecues and other family gatherings? Here are some of our deck maintenance tips for fall: Add a coat…Read More

  6. Keep Animals Out From Under Your Ready Deck

    Evict Critters Out From Under Your Deck Backyard decks are a great addition to any home. For one, you can entertain like never before and give yourself a relaxation area after a long day. Having a deck can be a great feature to include in your house, especially because it can raise the total value o…Read More

  7. Is an Eco-Friendly Deck Right for Your Home?

    Decks have skyrocketed in popularity. It’s no surprise, either, when you consider the fact that well-designed decks serve as an ideal outdoor gathering space. Now for the million dollar question: how do you build a deck without impacting the environment? Keep reading as we look at eco-friendly dec…Read More

  8. Increase the Value of Your Home with Ready Decks

    Selling Your Home? Increase the Value! Sometimes things don’t turn out quite the way we plan them to be. For instance, a “forever home” may not be quite as forever as you might think. Things can change, which means you may have to sell your home to make room those changes. Luckily, there are p…Read More

  9. How to Keep Animals Out From Beneath Your Deck

    You love your deck. For years, it’s served as an extension of the house. During the summer, your deck is the go-to spot where guests gather. Recently, though, you were caught off guard as you glanced underneath the deck. Then you moved closer and closer to see what was living under the space. We…Read More

  10. What is a Pergola?

    Pergolas, Decks, and Patios: Cousins in the Same Family At Ready Decks, we are proud to offer our customers the very best in decks, pergolas, and patios. With each of our installations, we give extra attention and care to make sure each project is done correctly. When it comes to deck installations,…Read More