Spring is finally here, and while the season looks a bit different this year with the current outbreak of COVID-19, being cooped up in your house provides you with the perfect opportunity to work on some fun crafts for your deck, porch, patio, backyard, or whichever outdoor space you have at your home.

Regardless if you are a crafting connoisseur or are looking for a fun new hobby, these budget-friendly DIY projects will help you create an outdoor space you will want to spend all of your time enjoying.

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DIY Outdoor Movie Screen

There’s nothing quite like drive-in movie theaters where you can watch a movie under the stars. Because this isn’t much of an option for us at the moment, what better way to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh spring air than with an outdoor movie? While all-weather TVs can cost hundreds of dollars, you can create an outdoor movie theater with items you may even have lying around the house.

Items you’ll need:

  • One large white bed sheet
  • Two PVC pipes
  • Two 8” wood rods
  • Two planters
  • A hot glue gun
  • Quick cement
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Screw hooks


  1. Place the wood rods in the middle of your planters and fill them with the quick cement powder.
  2. Stabilize the wood rods in place with your tape (place a strip on all sides of the rod that is in the middle of the planter)
  3. Pour water into the planters to mix with the quick cement and wait 30 minutes for the mixture to harden.
  4. Prepare the screen (the bed sheet) by washing it and ironing out any wrinkles. You will then cut the sheet to your desired screen size.
  5. Hot glue the PVC pipes to the top and bottom edges of your screen and let dry.
  6. Assemble the screen by screwing hooks into the top of the wood rods and place the hooks inside of the top PVC pipe. The bottom pipe will help to keep the screen stable.
  7. Set up your projector and voila! Your DIY outdoor movie screen is ready for action!

Plant Wall

Don’t let a tiny deck (or budget) keep you from enjoying lush greenery on your outdoor space. Create this DIY plant wall with a few affordable supplies and then hang all of your favorite plants from it. As the plants continue to grow, not only will you have a beautiful plant wall, but your privacy will increase as well.

Items you’ll need:

  • Copper spray paint
  • A drill
  • Wire mesh rebar
  • Two 8ft. 2×2 wood rods
  • Two 40in. 2×2 wood rods
  • Two 18in. 45° 2×2 wood rods
  • Two 36in. 2×4 wood rods
  • 2in. L-brackets
  • 16 2.5in. wood screws
  • 16 cup hooks
  • S-hooks for each plant


  1. Assemble your plant wall frame by shaping your two 8ft. 2×2 wood rods and two 40in. 2×2 wood rods into a rectangular shape. Make sure to place the bottom rung 10 inches from the base of the frame.
  2. Secure the corners of your frame with your 2.5in. screws.
  3. Attach your L-brackets in each inside corner of your frame.
  4. Attach the cup hooks along all sides of the front of your frame.
  5. Spray paint your wire mesh rebar with copper spray paint to give it a rustic, earthy feel.
  6. Once the paint has dried, attach it to your wood frame using the attached cup hooks.
  7. Screw your 36in. 2×4 wood rods into the bottom of the wall as a base. Repeat on both sides.
  8. Attach your 18in. 45° 2×2 supports to both sides.
  9. Attach L-brackets to the base of the wall.
  10. Take your plant wall outside, attach some S-hooks to the mesh and start hanging up your favorite plants!

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Tabletop Firepit

There are few things that beat the feeling of the warmth of a cozy fire pit once the sun starts to set and the temperature cools down. With this DIY tabletop fire pit, not only will you save money, but you will also save space on your deck as well. Plus, it looks like you just bought it from the store!

Items you will need:

  • A ceramic planter
  • A decorative aluminum sheet
  • Heavy-duty scissors to cut aluminum sheet to size
  • Measuring tape
  • Four sheets of glass cut to the size of your ceramic planter at your local hardware store
  • Silicone glue
  • Gloves
  • Two canisters of gel fireplace fuel
  • Lava rocks
  • Two small metal buckets


  1. Take your silicone glue and glue along one of the smaller edges of one of your smaller glass sheets. Attach this edge to the shorter edge of one of your longer glass sheets. Glue along the inside edge of the attached sheets and use your gloves to remove any excess glue.
  2. Use cans or other sturdy objects to prop up the glass sheets until they are dry (typically taking about two hours).
  3. Repeat this process on the opposite side.
  4. Attach the last piece and let the glass frame dry overnight.
  5. After the glue has completely dried, carefully place the glass frame on top of your planter.
  6. Glue the glass frame to the planter, removing any excess glue with your gloves.
  7. Clean the glass with acetone.
  8. Add a base layer of lava rocks into the planter for stability.
  9. Place your two metal buckets upside down inside of the planter to hold up your gel fireplace fuel canisters.
  10. Place your aluminum sheet so that it sits over the top of your planter.
  11. Evenly disperse the rest of your lava rocks on top of the aluminum sheet
  12. Light your gel fireplace fuel through the sheet and enjoy!

While we know these instructions may sound like a lot, these DIY projects truly are simple and extremely affordable. Not only that, but they are sure to make your outdoor space much more enjoyable not only for the isolation period we are currently experiencing, but also for this coming summer when we (hopefully) get to enjoy these spaces with our friends and family. If you are interested in upgrading your outdoor space by having a deck or porch installed at your home, give our professional deck builders a call today! We also offer financing options for our customers who are wanting to have a deck built but are hoping to disperse the cost. Even with the current pandemic, our deck builders are currently operating as normal due to our ability so social distance, so we can get started on developing a plan for you right away.