Homeowners often associate summer as being the best time to enjoy their deck. Frankly, if you ask us, you can’t beat a fall afternoon in the backyard. But is your deck ready for another season of barbecues and other family gatherings?

Here are some of our deck maintenance tips for fall:

Add a coat of waterproof sealant    

Keep in mind that wood decks are susceptible to damage from moisture. This is where frequent sealing comes into play. Any water that collects on your deck should bead above the surface instead of absorbing into the wood.

Take a close look at your deck following a rainstorm. If it seems to be absorbing water, then it’s probably time for another coat of waterproof sealant. Of course, always clean your deck prior to sealing, painting, and staining.

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Hose off your deck if it’s vinyl

Do you have a vinyl or composite deck? Then there’s no need to worry about sealing, painting, and staining. That said, you will want to powerwash it at least once a year.

The longer you allow stains to remain on a vinyl or composite deck, the more likely they will become permanent. So take the fall as an opportunity to complete this often forgotten ask.

Get rid of any leaves

We all appreciate the beauty of fall foliage. Unfortunately, though, those autumn leaves that pile up on the deck can create problems. For example, the tiniest bits of plant matter have a knack for getting lodged between deck boards and decaying over time.

So make it a priority to sweep fallen leaves, acorns, and pine needles off the deck. The more often you do so, the less of a time-consuming chore it becomes.

Be mindful of where you place fall decorations

Wanting to make your deck spook-tacular for Halloween? Then be sure to avoid sitting pumpkins and gourds directly on the surface. The moisture from rotting pumpkins can wreak havoc on the wood.

Our recommendation? Try setting your pumpkins on some sort of railing or another platform. That way you can worry less about rotting pumpkins and focus more on actually enjoying the season.

Double-check the branches above your deck are steady

Now that you know what fallen leaves can do to your deck, imagine the kind of impact that fallen branches can have. Autumn is certainly an ideal time to cut any branches at risk of falling. Of course, contact a professional if you’re at all concerned about DIY tree care.

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