This time of year is all about beautiful flowers, warmer weather, and spending time outside. However, before you host the season’s first barbecue, it’s a good idea to get your deck in tip-top shape. Here are three deck maintenance tips for the spring:

  1. Inspect and repair – Your first thought may be to wash or reseal your deck. Hold up, though. Before doing anything else, you want to perform a general inspection. Look around at all the features of your deck and check for any areas that are starting to rot. Don’t forget to peek underneath the deck and pay close attention to the joists, posts, and beams. Keep in mind that small rotted areas can usually be patched with a wood filler or preservative. Larger areas, on the other hand, probably need to be replaced entirely. In addition to rotting, check the flooring boards for cracking, warping, and cupping. Now is also the time to find splinters and rough areas on the deck. Should you find any, make it a point to sand them down right away.
  2. Clean – You’ve finished up with the minor repairs, meaning it’s time to clean. It’s important to know that cleaning a deck isn’t simply about appearance and impressing your guests. The longer you allow nasty grime and mold to rest on the surface, the quicker your deck will rot and deteriorate. It’s as simple as that. For wooden decks that are badly stained, we recommend using a power washer. Pro tip: go light on the pressure at first and test a small area before moving on to the rest of the deck. If your deck is constructed with some sort of composite material, you will likely need a specially formulated cleaner.
  3. Seal – You’re making progress! By this point, your deck is nice and clean. But if you really want it to look brand-new, then sealing is an absolute must. Of course, don’t settle for just any sealer or stain finisher. Should you make the wrong decision, you could ruin your deck. The rule of thumb in the industry is to apply clear sealers about once a year. Meanwhile, stain finishes should be reapplied every other year or so.

A Dependable Deck Builder

Maybe you don’t currently have a deck at the moment. For years, though, you’ve marveled at the decks of friends and family. At Ready Decks, we’re here to tell you that spring is the perfect time to have a deck installed. Maybe you’re thinking, “There’s no one way I could afford a beautiful deck.” That’s not true! We are proud to offer complete premade decks and prefab decks that can be built on site and in as little as one day.

At Ready Decks, our deck installer uses the best materials in the industry. Each of our products is constructed using premium-grade, treated lumber to ensure the highest quality.

We want to help you enjoy the deck of your dreams! Whether you’re interested in mobile home decks for sale, pool decks, pergolas, or gable porches, our deck contractor has you covered.

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