There are countless benefits to having a great outdoor space. For one thing, it gives you a reason to spend quality time with loved ones. Such a space also allows you to get away from the day’s demands and decompress. If you already have a deck but don’t spend much time outside, now is the perfect time to start thinking about potential upgrades. Imagine having a deck that’s more stylish, comfortable, and useful. It’s certainly possible with just a few tweaks! Keep reading for ways to create the ultimate space.

  1. Add space – The sad reality is that many decks are cluttered with gardening tools, sports equipment, and kids’ toys. It’s time to ditch that mess thanks to handy storage options. Deck boxes will help you get organized while also providing more space for actually enjoying the space. You can even consider options such as built-in storage benches. Trust us, tidying up your deck is a huge first step.
  2. Add a pergola – Take a long look at your deck now that it’s clean again. Does it seem bare? Then you might want to cover part of the area with a pergola. Not only does a pergola shade offer much-needed shade, but it also brings a certain visual appeal. At Ready Decks, we recommend bougainvillea because it’s thick and woody. Not to mention, its flowers come in gorgeous shades of purple and pink.
  3. Give it some color – You are free to stain wood decks however you want. If you’re really looking for a change, combine materials with different colors and textures on different areas of the deck. Use new stains to either create contrast or opt for a more uniform look.
  4. Overhaul the furniture – Is your current deck furniture tacky or worn-out? Believe it or not, new outdoor furniture makes a huge difference. Think of your deck as a second living room in your backyard. Take some time deciding on couches, chairs, and cushions. Take it a step further by matching the furniture with any potted plants. Another idea here is to get a fire pit. If you’ve been searching for ways to use your deck year-round, this is one of them. A fire pit creates a central point where guests can gather and relax.
  5. Bring in some lighting – You may have the most amazing deck in the world. But if it isn’t equipped with good lighting, you aren’t able to enjoy it as often. The Fence Authority recommends options such as solar or low voltage lights. For a more intimate experience on your deck, the right lighting is a must.     

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