Your deck is an extension of the home’s interior. In fact, some of your best family time is spent out on the deck. We have one question, though – is this space safe for everyone, including kids and pets?

Here are some tips for keeping your deck safe, as referenced from HGTV:

Lock the door leading out to the deck

It goes without saying that a small child should never be out on the deck alone. If you’re worried about your son or daughter getting outside without adult supervision, consider putting a lock up high so they can’t reach it. Be sure to check out the various lock options that match your decor.

Create shade areas for pets

Deck surfaces can get dangerously hot in a hurry. That’s bad news if you have pets that spend lots of time outdoors. Protect Fido’s paws by using a retractable awning, umbrella, or tree to create shady areas.

Use a gate to contain the kids

We’re willing to bet that your kiddo likes to explore. You would be surprised at how many children are injured in an attempt to climb up and out of a deck area. So remember to contain your child with some sort of gate.

Avoid toxic plants

Container gardening is becoming more popular and for good reason. However, many deck owners don’t realize that their plants are dangerous to kids and pets. Do yourself and your entire family a favor and double-check the safety of plants before you make a purchase.

Take precautions with water

Just because you might not have a backyard pool doesn’t mean you can overlook water safety. The reality is that anything more than two inches of water serves as a drowning hazard. Play it safe and keep your kiddo away from any sort of fountain or water feature.

Grill smartly

Nothing beats an afternoon of grilling out on the patio. Unfortunately, a hot grill has the potential to cause trouble for kids and pets. So keep your grill away from main traffic areas and, of course, supervise it at all times.

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