‘Tis the season for chilly evenings bundled up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and a holiday movie with our loved ones. While this is always enjoyable, there are likely going to be evenings where you will want to get outdoors and take in the fresh air. Just because the chilly season is upon us doesn’t mean that we can’t take full advantage of our decks! In today’s blog, we will be discussing ways to furnish, decorate and cozy up your deck so that you can enjoy the wonderful evenings outdoors, even during the colder months. If you don’t already have a deck — no problem! Please feel free to reach out to our deck builders at Ready Decks. We have locations all around western Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas, and our team would be more than happy to install a high-quality, custom deck at your home.

Decorate with garland

There are few things that add a beautiful, woods-y, cheerful flair to a home during the holiday season the way that garland does. Whether you are lining your deck railings or doors with it, hanging wreaths on your railing posts, or using it to create a beautiful vase display with winterberries — don’t forget to attach a string of lights to it! You can do this by simply wrapping the strand of garland in a string of lights, and it will instantly add a bright flair to your deck and create a cozy outdoor setting that all of your friends will be sure to rave about.

Consider a fire pit or a space heater

This one is crucial if you are looking to spend some quality time out on your deck, as this will not only keep you warm and cozy from the chilly winter air, but it will also provide you with ample light to see your loved ones as you relax and mingle together. There are many different fire pit options you can choose from depending on your style and taste, and options depending on the amount of money you would like to spend. You can get really fancy and have a fire pit installed, or purchase a cauldron-style fire pit, which is usually a much more inexpensive option. Space heaters are a fairly inexpensive option as well, with quality stainless steel options often costing around $100.

Purchase (or DIY!) comfortable furniture you will actually want to sit in

Have you ever visited someone’s house and went out to sit on their deck, only to realize that they have extremely uncomfortable chairs? While these chairs are often great for different types of weather, they typically don’t make people excited to go sit outside on the deck. There are many great weather-proof, stain-resistant couches and chairs made for outdoor use that won’t break your bank and will actually allow you to sit comfortably on your deck for hours at a time. For some great options, we highly recommend checking out Wayfair or Overstock, as they have a wide selection of reasonably-priced, stylish, and comfortable deck furniture. You can even browse Pinterest for some awesome DIY furniture projects, such as a simple yet stylish and comfortable pallet sofa.

Utilize string lights

Like we said about pairing string lights with garland — it is a surefire way to make your deck decor pop and make it feel ten times cozier. Another way you can use string lights to brighten up your deck and surrounding outdoor space is to put them in any close by trees to give them a little extra sparkle and light up the evening. You can also string them across the top of your deck from your roof to a pole or around your pergola if you have one. This is a timeless look that makes any plain deck feel much warmer and brighter. You can even change up the colors depending on the season if you are looking to get a bit more festive!

Install a patio cover

Not only do patio covers help prevent winter weather from wreaking havoc on your deck materials, but they also give you the opportunity to sit in your cozy patio space and watch the snowflakes fall while remaining dry and cozy.

Purchase throw pillows

Adding throw pillows to your deck couches and chairs is another great way to cozy up the space. Since most outdoor furniture (especially the arm rests) are typically rock solid, throw pillows are an excellent addition to make your outdoor hangout a bit more comfortable. And who doesn’t love adorable holiday-themed pillows of red and green that have cute phrases like “merry and bright” or “joy to the world” on them? We know we do!

Invest in a hot tub

While this one is a little bit on the pricier side, investing in a hot tub to put out on your deck is a great way to take advantage of the brisk winter months outdoors. Installing a hot tub is also a great way for homeowners to feel like they are at a luxurious spa while at the comfort of their home. Something to be mindful of, though, is that splashing water may damage certain types of decking materials, so it would be wise to check in with a professional deck builder before going ahead with the installation so that they can ensure you deck is an okay spot to put a hot tub.

Incorporate winter plants

Although cold temperatures don’t allow many plants to thrive during the winter, there are still some great options you can choose from to spruce up your deck. We already mentioned garland, but other great options are poinsettias (just be sure to bring them inside if the temperature dips below 45 degrees), miniature evergreen trees, pansies, and winterberries.

If you have made the investment in a quality custom deck with a professional deck builder, you should feel comfortable using it all year long. By incorporating some of these decorative features and furnishings on your deck, you are creating a space that is more cozy, bright, and inviting to any guests you have at your home. This also allows you to get more value from your deck, and turn it into a winter haven where you can make great memories with those you love.

If you are in the market for a professional deck builder who can help you create the custom deck of your dreams by using the highest quality materials and an excellent value for your investment, give our team at Ready Decks a call today for a free quote!