Nothing beats cozying up with some hot chocolate and Christmas music this time of year. What makes the season, better, though, is spending the holidays in a home where plenty of lights and decorations are on display.

In case you’ve lost track of time recently, Christmas is less than two weeks away. If you’re hosting friends and family this year, you’re probably looking for creative ways to make the house as festive as possible. Sure, you’ve already put up the tree, hung lights, and maybe even placed some inflatables in the yard.

But have you thought about decorating the deck this Christmas? It really does make the perfect finishing touch before guests arrive. Here are five reasons to make your deck stand out during the holidays:

It will wow your guests

Maybe you want to impress your in-laws when they come over for Christmas dinner. On the other hand, perhaps you want to watch your little niece’s face light up when she sees an incredible holiday display. What we’re getting at here is that it’s fun to make this season special, especially for those you may not see all that often.

It creates additional space in your home

We’ve all been to holiday gatherings where space is limited. But when you decorate your deck or patio, you’re basically adding another space for guests to congregate. Everyone will appreciate the chance to step outside, get some air, and enjoy the holiday display.

It adds the perfect holiday ambiance

You might have a beautiful deck to start with. Pair that with a well-maintained yard and you have your own oasis of sorts. Just imagine how even a few simple decorations on the deck can add an ambiance that never existed in years past.

Who knows? Maybe your deck or patio will be the prime hangout spot for guests on Christmas. Just be prepared to decorate for the holidays in future years that you host.

It might help you rethink where to have the kids table

Do you ever second guess where to put the kids’ table for Christmas dinner? This ties back to the additional space idea we discussed earlier. Don’t be surprised if you become the favorite relative when all the kiddos realize they’re eating in the winter wonderland you created on the deck.

It provides a much-needed change of scenery

They may not say it aloud, but your guests might get tired or bored staying inside all day. That won’t be the case when you have a decked-out patio or deck, though. Pro tip: Keep a cooler of beverages on the deck and put on some holiday music so guests won’t feel as though they’re away from the party whenever they need a break.

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