In our latest blog post, we offered some deck maintenance tips for spring. But what about your backyard as a whole? Is it ready for another season of barbecues and other family gatherings? Here are some new backyard trends for 2018:

  1. Push your dining space further out in the yard – For years, you have enjoyed your outdoor dining area being near the kitchen. It’s convenient, right? However, more people are starting to push their dining space further from the home. Imagine having a charming backyard oasis where you can have a romantic dinner with your significant other or a relaxing picnic with the entire family. This unique backyard dining setup provides plenty of flexibility.
  2. Add some hand-crafted elements – Are you tired of shopping for outdoor furniture that everyone in the neighborhood has? Then think about incorporating some much-needed personal style with hand-crafted features. It could be anything from chairs and tables to a fun bench. By no means do these elements need to be expensive, either. Your local thrift store is likely to have a decent selection of one-of-a-kind pieces.
  3. Get colorful – We tend to associate spring and summer with green. Frankly, though, all that green of the grass, plants, and trees becomes bland over time. That’s why more homeowners are choosing to add hits of color wherever possible. There’s no question that bright, colorful, and ornamental items will take your backyard to new heights in 2018. In no time, you can create a vibrant space that’s bursting with visual interest.
  4. Consider a zen garden – We’re willing to bet that you’re constantly on the go. A typical day consists of taking the kids to school, working long hours at the office, and making dinner for the whole family. Try as you might, there’s just no way to carve out extended time for yourself. But what if you could simply step into your backyard for that serenity and peace? It’s possible when you put in a zen garden. Take your pick from elements such as succulents, water features, and stones. Believe it or not, your backyard can encourage an atmosphere of mindful meditation.
  5. Install soft lighting – It’s one thing to have an outdoor dining space with comfortable furniture. Ask yourself this, though: how’s the lighting in your backyard? It could be that it’s too harsh, forcing you and your guests inside for the rest of the evening. With soft lighting, you can create the perfect ambiance and enjoy more time outside.

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