Spring is officially here! That means it’s finally time for warmer weather and more time outside. If you’re a homeowner, this is also the perfect time to revamp your backyard.

Here are some of the most popular backyard trends for 2019, as referenced from Garden Design:

Opt for low-maintenance

It’s easy for even the most experienced gardeners to get carried away every now and then. Rather than go crazy with a bunch of plants and flowers that make your space look disheveled, stick with a basic design. Consider perennial plants, remove unsightly trees and shrubs, and invest in a functional irrigation system. Above all else, remember that your garden should be an oasis and not another high-maintenance part of your property.

Create focal points

This ties back to the aforementioned point about keeping things simple with your garden. Take a look at your backyard and note the various structures such as sheds, walls, decks, etc. Because such structures take up a chunk of space in your backyard, why not do what you can to make them beautiful? Believe it or not, that current eyesore of a shed can be turned into an aesthetically pleasing focal point.

Create your own private retreat

How nice would it be to get home after a long day and relax in your backyard retreat? Whether this outdoor space is small or large, it can feel like a secluded place where you can relax and unwind. Conder ideas such as adding a seating area, including a water feature, using tall plants as a privacy screen, and surrounding your backyard with lush plants.

Be unconventional in your flower choices

Not every flower you plant in your backyard has to be traditional. As you do your floral research, choose several that add unique pops of color to your space. We’re guessing you don’t want to have all the same flowers as your neighbors. Keep in mind that as you design the backyard of your dreams, it’s best to avoid copying what you saw in an article.

Create a staycation spot

Not only can your backyard offer a private retreat, but also give your guests a spot to lounge. For some homeowners, the ideal backyard staycation spot consists of a deck, comfortable outdoor furniture, and a kitchen for grilling. Just remember to keep this spot simple and uncluttered.

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