Many people might not know what a pergola is, let alone see the use for one. Here at Ready Decks in West Monroe, we’ve helped people from all walks of life find the right pergolas, decks, porches, and more to suit their lifestyle. Pergolas are the unsung hero of the outdoor structure world. They have countless uses and benefits — if you know how to use them properly! In today’s blog, our team at Ready Decks of West Monroe talks about 10 great benefits of having a pergola.


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1. Add value to your home

Adding a pergola to your home is a quick and easy way to add some value and curb appeal. When pergolas are added in tandem with decks, it can really create a desirable outdoor area that will attract home buyers.

2. Hang plants

Maybe you have an existing garden that you want to expand, or you don’t have the space to start the garden you want. Whatever your situations, pergolas are wonderful options for hanging beautiful plants, flower pots, or growing vines.

3. Create your own shade

While pergolas do not completely block out the rays of the sun, they definitely provide some relief from sunlight and heat. A pergola can provide just enough shade to make your space comfortable yet allow great airflow due to its open design.

4. Enhance your deck

Pergolas are great complimenting structures to decks and other outdoor features. The right pergola can make your deck feel more inviting, comfortable, and relaxing.

5. Bring your space to life

Pergolas can add a unique design asset to your outdoor living areas. You can paint them any manner of colors to accentuate your space or decorate them with tasteful lights and other outdoor decor that help make the space your own.

6. Easy to install

Pergolas are simple outdoor structures; much of the time they are just four posts and a slatted roof. It’s amazing how much value you can get out of such a simple and affordable structure.


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7. Stargaze

Looking for a comfortable place to curl up and gaze at the stars above in awe? Place an outdoor couch or daybed under a pergola for a unique and inviting stargazing experience.

8. Have a place to entertain

If you love to host parties, then a pergola is a must. Pergolas are easy to decorate for any occasion, provide shade and comfort for your party guests, and add a custom and trendy look to your yards or decks.

9. Encourage more outdoor time

If you kids spend most of their time inside on a Gameboy or with their nose in a book, then a pergola can be a great option for encouraging them to spend a little time doing what they love while enjoying the great outdoors.

10. Affordability

Pergolas are simple structures that are easy to afford! For help accenting your home with a deck or pergola, reach out to us at Ready Decks of West Monroe today!