Keep Your Deck Nicer, Longer!

If you have installed a deck at your house, you most likely want to keep it as nice as you can, for as long as you can. For many deck owners, there are a lot of questions surrounding how best to care for their deck. In this blog, we will discuss some tips and tricks to ensure that your deck is at its peak aesthetic value for much longer.

Inspect and Prepare Your Deck

Just as you would check your car for nicks and imperfections, you should do the same for your deck. Decks can collect scratches, stains, and unwanted animal guests over time. Because of this, it is essential to the health of your deck that you inspect it every year. This will ensure that your deck does not sustain a great amount of damage.
You also want to deck for any loose boards or protruding nails on your deck. Flaws, such as these, will make your deck dangerous to walk on and will need to be immediately fixed. In order to spot loose boards or nails, you will have to sweep your deck of any debris or any outdoor furniture. To find this minor flaws, you will have to make sure everything is cleared away so you can inspect the space thoroughly and correctly. Though this may seem like an overreaction, loose boards and nails are not minor problems. These items must be immediately repaired in order to ensure the long life of your deck, as well as your own safety.

Cleaning Your Deck is Essential to Its Maintenance

If you have a deck, you will not be surprised to hear that you must clean it often. Decks require a lot more cleaning needs than you might think. Dirt, mud, sticks, and grass, can all clog spaces of your deck and rot the wood.
To clean your deck, you will need a high-powered hose. Though water is a great dilution agent, you most likely will need to rely on chemical cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean any debris or residue on your deck. There are many different cleaning solutions at your disposal, depending on what you are trying to clean off your deck. For instance, products with a base of non-chlorine bleach are great for getting rid of stains. And, if you have a mildew problem on your deck, using other solutions, such as bleach-based products can help as well.
Before you use cleaning products on your deck, you should thoroughly read the directions and the warnings. Some solutions require to be brushed onto the deck with a broom, while others don’t need any scrubbing at all. Because you will be working with chemicals, you need to make sure that the solutions you are using won’t destroy the aesthetic of your deck.

Tips for Deck Staining

Staining and painting your deck is part of its maintenance — though you don’t have to do this very often. Most people, when choosing to paint their decks, will choose a deck paint. Others will choose to showcase their deck’s natural, beautiful wood. But, if you choose deck paint, it is important that you use a stain blocking-oil of alkyd primer before you paint your deck. If you are looking for a finish to place over your deck, you will want to make sure that it is waterproof or water repellent. Since your deck is outside, you also will need to ensure that your finish provides outstanding UV protection. If your deck is left to brave the elements without protection, it will most likely rot and the color of the paint will fade and chip.
Also, mildew is a very serious problem when it comes to decks. Because of this, you want to make sure that the finish you place over your deck has a chemical called mildewcide. This specific chemical will help preserve your deck from built-up moisture that could turn into mold.

Sealing Your Deck

Once your desk is cleaned and dried, you will need to seal your deck. The sealant is used to ensure your deck has the ultimate level of protection. Before you brush on the sealant, make sure you put a tarp down over nearby plants and AC units. This will shield them from any splatter that may occur.
Try not to spray the sealant on your deck, unless you are a professional. Sprays are difficult to control and typically will lead to accidents and splatter. If you want to choose a more convenient sealant application, you should purchase a paint roller at any of your local home improvement stores.

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