What Wood Should My Deck Be?

If you are looking to install a deck to add to your home’s value, you will want to make sure it is made out of the best materials. If not, the deck that you pour money and expectations into could come up short. If you choose the wrong type of wood material for your deck, you could easily find that the wood’s integrity isn’t strong enough to sustain outdoor elements. This, of course, can be very dangerous, as your deck won’t be stable or supportive. To ensure no accidents happen, it is best to install your deck with the best materials.
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What Wood Would You Want?

That is a lot of ‘W’s’! But it is true, the style, look, and durability of your deck is primarily determined by the wood that you would want your deck to be made out of. For instance, not all wood behaves the same way. Different woods can tolerate different amounts of water, stress, and weight. Because of this, the type of wood that you have installed matters greatly to the quality of your deck.

Durability is so important when it comes to your deck, which is why you need to choose the following types of wood:


Redwood is a desirable type of wood because it is a very strong harwood. Because redwood has such a stunning color pigment as well, it looks very aesthetically pleasing when cut into planks and fashioned into an outdoor deck. What is most advantageous about redwood is that it is highly resistant to warping. Warping occurs when wood comes into contact with too much moisture in the air. Many types of wood cannot handle the build-up of moisture and will warp, mold, and decay.
Aside from being stable and durable against moisture, redwood has little-to-no resins, which enables it to retain its finish.


Though cedar is considered a soft wood, it is still a very advantageous decking material. Why? Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and insects, which makes it very durable. If you plan on using your deck a lot and foresee your deck receiving a lot of foot traffic, cedar wood may not be the right decking material for you. Cedar is a soft wood, which means that it can easily scratch.
What makes cedar wood so desirable for decking is that it can be cut in long planks. If you are looking for a long, uniform wood aesthetic for your deck, cedar wood is ideal.

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