How would you describe a porch to someone? Maybe you would say something along the lines of it being an open room attached to the front of a residence. Keep reading as our porch builder takes a closer look at porches and why you could benefit from having one constructed at your house. 

What is a Porch?

According to The Spruce, a porch is “a low structure — often with a roof — situated at the entrance of a house or building.” Though they traditionally do not have windows, porches remain a popular outdoor living space for Americans in particular. Just think about the number of times you’ve passed a house and seen people congregating on a front porch.

The most well-constructed porches are often the ones that can be enclosed or screened-in to provide protection from extreme weather or insects. Believe it or not, porches started gaining traction as a home addition back in the early 1900s. At the time, porches:

  • Served as an extension of the living room or parlor
  • Provided shade and a spot to relax during the summer (remember there was no residential air conditioning yet)
  • Served as a place for socialization in small towns

Why You Need a Porch

Now that you have a working definition of a porch, consider these reasons why the structure makes a great addition to your home.

Added value

Think about what’s next on your list of home improvement projects. Perhaps an updated kitchen, a remodeled bathroom, or a finished basement are at the top. While these are all worthwhile investments, we must mention that homeowners typically see a return of about 75% of what they spend on a porch addition.

Let’s look at the math. If you’re hoping to add a bedroom to your first or second floor, you should expect to spend anywhere from $30,000-$50,000 out of pocket. Even if you hire the best contractor in the world to complete the job, it will be nearly impossible to make that money back when the time comes to sell. 

This is why homeowners find such great value with a screened-in porch. Because of the way it enhances your curb appeal, you can expect to receive a return of several thousand dollars in the future. Trust us when we say that prospective buyers will be attracted to a house with a beautiful porch.

A unique space 

You’ve wanted to add space to your house for years. That said, maybe you’re envisioning something besides another leisure room or office. Keep in mind that a screened-in porch provides something totally new and unique to your home. Plus, when you’re ready to sell, this kind of addition could end up being what separates your house from others on a buyer’s shortlist.


Are you tired of hot temperatures and inclement weather forcing you and your guests indoors? A porch provides the shaded comfort everyone needs to keep the fun going outside. Alternatively, this structure also makes for the perfect retreat when you need time to yourself (reading a book, taking a nap, etc.).


We’re certainly familiar with stormy weather here in the south. But it’s not just the blazing sun and frequent thunderstorms that keep residents from enjoying their outdoor space to the fullest — it’s also the insects. When you have a porch just steps away, you can get all the fresh air you want without having to worry about a sunburn or bug bite. 

Furnishable space

With a home addition comes another place to furnish! In our experience, the most well-designed porches are the ones that provide a seamless transition from inside to outside. As you begin thinking of ways to decorate your porch, remember that you can get creative with this space. You can choose a variety of furniture and decor depending on the style of your porch or if it’s enclosed or open. 

Consider a Porch Addition From Ready Decks

When it comes to premade porches, Ready Decks has you covered. Every Ready Porch features treated beams, rafters, and lathes, as well as premium metal roofing in a variety of colors. Not to mention, our Ready Porch keeps your deck protected from water and sun damage.

Now for the million-dollar question — is your home a good fit for a Ready Porch? Well, if your home has a straight roofline or low ceiling clearance, the addition of this structure makes a lot of sense! A Ready Porch also features fully self-supported construction, meaning the structure of your home won’t be impacted in any way.

Why Choose Our Porch Builder?

There are countless porch builders out there. So what exactly separates Ready Decks from the rest? Let’s start with the fact that we’ve been in business for nearly two decades. In that time, we have gone above and beyond for more than 15,000 customers.

At Ready Decks, we understand that your home is your biggest investment and that you expect nothing less than top-notch work from your contractors. That’s why we’re committed to providing you the ultimate consumer experience through quality, value, and integrity. Whereas other porch builders may rush through the process, we take the time to listen to your needs and answer any questions you may have.

There’s never a bad time to add a Ready Porch to your home! Let Ready Decks take the hassle out of your next home improvement project. Contact our experienced porch builder today.